August 2017 Fishing Report

It’s hot, and because of our South Florida summer heat, the grouper fishing is slow. Everybody always asks me about Gags and that will start to improve with cooler weather usually about Halloween. The Mahi fishing has been nothing short of phenomenal this year off Sarasota and the altimetry data supports that, in fact we are seeing patterns that we have never seen before. We’ve been been into lots of chickens with the occasional bull between 120-190 feet of water. Tuna is also on the move and proving to be plentiful too.

If you’re not familiar altimetry, it refers to measuring how relatively small changes in sea level ultimately influences the feeding patterns of fish. Modern satellites orbiting the Earth can measure ocean surface height with great precision. By studying Altimetry Data in conjunction with sea surface temps, chlorophyll readings and bottom structure, we can really dial in our spots and get you on big fish faster than ever before.

Some do like it hot and that’s Snapper. We’re seeing mangroves, yellow tails, lanes and vermillion in good numbers at the end of their spawning season. Come get some with us.

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Our inshore trips remain steady with good action most every day including our share of Sea Trout, Snook, Snapper, Flounder and all the other usual suspects depending on the weather.

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