Sarasota Waters Inshore Fishing Report on Reel Addiction

The bait is starting to show up in good numbers and the snook are on the move and are beginning their biannual migration from the backwaters to the passes and the beach. The magic water temperature when this begins to happen is 76 degrees and optimal at 82 degrees. These fish are feeding heavily on shrimp, glass minnows, greenbacks and pilchards in preparation for the first full moon in June.

We are seeing trout rebounding in Tampa Bay. Our prolonged bout of Red Tide last summer and fall took a toll on the fishery but nature has and still does have a way of rebounding nicely. We are also seeing spanish mackerel, mangrove snapper rebounding as well. Pompano are moving in and black drum are also showing good activity. 

The weather is great and the waters are crystal clear. Nows a great time to book an inshore or near shore charter on Reel Addiction.

Sarasota Waters Offshore Fishing Report April 2019 on Bad Habit

What can we say. Neptune has really paid us back for some cold and windy days that kept us off the water in January and February. Yes the bait is showing up. We are seeing Pins at about 40-50 feet, Sardines a nd thread fin between 40 and 60 feet.

Kings and Mackerel are starting to group on the beach to about 70 feet. Red grouper and mangrove snapper have been active from about 100 to 150 on ledges and hard bottom. Also, if you follow us on Facebook you’ll see pics at the dock with Blackfin that we have been finding between 80 – 150 and african pompano in 150+ all day long. 

The lane snapper have been active from about 70 – 130 and yellowtail from 110 – 150. Of course we can also find amberjack on the wrecks which is really good fun too.

Also notable is that we have been having getting into some nice cobia too.

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